Transdisciplinarity in Small-Scale Fisheries, Chiang Mai Thailand

In October 2018 IOI-SA attended the Too Big To Ignore Network (TBTI)  Train-the-Trainer workshop for Transdisciplinarity in Small-Scale Fisheries in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The Train-the-Trainer workshop forms part of a 5 month online training course on Transdisciplinarity in Small-Scale Fisheries. The Train-the-Trainer training brings together of a group of around 30 academics and NGOs who are involved in small-scale fisheries  training, teaching or capacity development in different regions. The group discusses the use of transdisciplinarity methods as a tool to address challenges in small-scale fisheries, as well as effective teaching and training methods.
In January 2019 TBTI will launch the online Transdisciplinarity in Small-Scale Fisheries course. In this way, the Train-the-Trainer workshop creates a network of facilitators for the online training, but also to partner in disseminating face-to-face training in Transdisciplinarity in Small-scale Fisheries.