Hiring – Director IOI-SA

IOI-SA is seeking a new Director. Applications are open until 1 December 2020 for a starting date in February 2021. Full details about the post, including key roles and responsibilities, can be found in the link below:

The core function of this position is to provide strong leadership and accountable management of IOI-SA in advancing its programs of work and strategic goals, as aligned with the global mission of the IOI and context-specific ideals for the African continent.

The Director reports to the IOI-SA Management Committee and is the key liaison person between the Management Committee, staff, IOI-HQ and various projects and relevant stakeholders. This role is responsible for overseeing all financial, human resources and operational aspects of IOI-SA, ensuring the organisation’s smooth functioning and developing ongoing and future financial security for the organisation through its projects, initiatives, new partnerships, etc.

Author: IOI-SA

IOI-SA focuses on Ocean Governance capacity development in Africa through training programmes aimed at harmonising management, policy and development. The IOI-SA produces research, policy and strategy-related outputs to address key challenges of sustainable ocean governance in support of the communities, governments, regions and international organizations concerned with securing a peaceful, prosperous and healthy future for all. The IOI-SA maintains particular focus on rural coastal communities, decision-makers, post­graduate students and schools. It achieves its mission through collaborating and networking with organizations and government agencies in Africa that are active in the sphere of marine and coastal management and sustainable livelihoods.