Lynn Jackson

Lynn Jackson – Management Committee

lynn-websiteLynn Jackson has a PhD in Marine Science from the University of South Carolina, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Marine Law from the University of Cape Town.  She spent 24 years in the Marine Pollution Division of the national Department of Environment Affairs, before becoming the Director of the Global Invasive Species Programme between 2003 – 2007. She subsequently established herself as an independent consultant, also working as an associate of both IOI-SA and EnAct International.

During the course of her career, Lynn has gained a wide range of experience in marine and coastal management and marine law and has worked with local, national and international governmental agencies, non-governmental organisations and industry. She represented South Africa at meetings of a number of international and regional organisations, including UNEP’s Programme on Land-based Sources of Marine Pollution, the Abidjan and Nairobi Conventions, the London Convention and the Marine Environment Protection Committee of the IMO and was Chair of the Scientific Group of the London Convention in 2001/02.

Lynn’s main areas of expertise include: management of marine pollution and marine and coastal invasive species; contingency planning and oil spill response; development and implementation of estuary management plans; marine law; and development and delivery of specialist training courses. Since becoming a consultant in July, 2007 she has completed contracts with a number of international organizations including UNEP, IMO, OSPAR and GISP as well as a number of local agencies. The international work has included the development of technical guidelines, development and delivery of training courses in marine pollution, invasive species management, ballast water management and ocean governance. Recent local work has included the development and implementation of estuary management plans for two highly urbanised estuaries within the City of Cape Town, the development of an Invasive Species Policy for the City, the development of an Implementation Plan for draft Invasive Species Regulations (national) and the drafting of a Bill on Ballast Water Management.