3rd World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress, Chiang Mai Thailand

In October 2018, IOI-SA attended the 3rd World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  The Congress is an international gathering of approximately 350 researchers, practitioners, academics, fisher organisations, CSOs, international development agencies and policy makers to share information about all aspects of small-scale fisheries and to formulate action plans and capacity development programmes to support the implementation of the UNFAO SSF Guidelines. The main theme for the 3rd World Congress was ‘Transdisciplinarity and Transformation for the Future of Small-Scale Fisheries’ with the aim of facilitating interaction, information sharing, cross-fertilization of ideas and networking opportunities for participants.


IOI-SA presented its Small-scale Responsible Fisheries Training Project  at the dynamic Science Cafe session on Day 1 of the Congress, themed ‘Science Day’. The presentation focused on building partnerships for enhancing sustainable fishing practices in South African coastal communities and showcased the Projects innovative methods in communicating messages on sustainable fishing practices. Continue reading “3rd World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress, Chiang Mai Thailand”

Transdisciplinarity in Small-Scale Fisheries, Chiang Mai Thailand

In October 2018 IOI-SA attended the Too Big To Ignore Network (TBTI)  Train-the-Trainer workshop for Transdisciplinarity in Small-Scale Fisheries in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The Train-the-Trainer workshop forms part of a 5 month online training course on Transdisciplinarity in Small-Scale Fisheries. The Train-the-Trainer training brings together of a group of around 30 academics and NGOs who are involved in small-scale fisheries  training, teaching or capacity development in different regions. The group discusses the use of transdisciplinarity methods as a tool to address challenges in small-scale fisheries, as well as effective teaching and training methods.
In January 2019 TBTI will launch the online Transdisciplinarity in Small-Scale Fisheries course. In this way, the Train-the-Trainer workshop creates a network of facilitators for the online training, but also to partner in disseminating face-to-face training in Transdisciplinarity in Small-scale Fisheries.