2020 Course in Ocean Governance

The IOI-SA Course in Ocean Governance is usually run in September each year, but the 7th IOI-SA Course in Ocean Governance scheduled for September 2020 had to be postponed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It ran, instead, from the 22nd February to the 19th March 2021 and was the first time the training was run entirely online.  Despite this, 21 participants from 12 countries were accepted, and although there were occasional connectivity problems for some, the majority were able to participate fully.  The course was held in partnership with SAIMI and SANBI.

IOI-SA commissioned the making of a short video on an introduction to Estuary Management to help make up for not being able to take participants into the field to view examples of governance in practice. The video was  made in collaboration with the City of Cape Town’s Zandvlei Conservation Team and the Zandvlei Conservation Trust. The video can be viewed on the IOI-SA YouTube Channel